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With MG Marketing, you get a team of professionals who work together to make sure all your promotional events are a roaring success!

Privilege sales

MG Marketing supports your sales force with a strategy designed to retain current customers and acquire new customers.

We generate the expected results by assessing the characteristics of your market, the profile of your customers, and your sales goals.

Our event manager stays on site throughout the event to greet potential buyers and coach your sales team, providing tips and advice to help perfect their relational approach.

Your customers will have an engaging and exciting experience. They’ll get answers to all their questions, top-notch customer service, and a vehicle that meets their needs perfectly.

Direct mail campaign

Want to promote your next sales event or announce a promotion? MG Marketing can create powerful advertising materials that are perfectly adapted to your target buyers.

We send advertising materials in an envelope identified with the recipient’s name, a proven approach with a high success rate.

We can also coordinate a mass mailing campaign to reach more potential buyers at a low cost.


In addition to direct mail, MG Marketing can help develop your customer base through telephone campaigns. We work with you to establish acquisition targets based on the specific characteristics of your market:

Our skilled, enthusiastic agents contact customers on your behalf;

Our agents are supervised by experienced team leaders from the automotive industry;

Our agents’ professionalism when speaking to your customers maintains and improves your company’s reputation.

Appointment booking and confirmation

Unless you indicate otherwise, our telemarketing agents contact potential buyers after the direct mail campaign to book an appointment as part of the sales event.

Our agents’ proven approach during the call transforms customer needs or even dissatisfaction into concrete sales opportunities.

To ensure a high turnout to the sales event, all customers who book an appointment receive a reminder call, which also makes them more inclined to purchase a vehicle from one of your reps.

Sales team coaching and support

The best time to showcase your reps’ strengths and correct their mistakes is when they’re in the heat of the moment, talking to customers. During your promotional events, our professionals are on site to coach your sales team and help you strengthen your customer base.

A motivated team with strong leadership means satisfied customers who’ll decide to renew their vehicle with you. You’ll continue to reap the benefits of our coaching and support long after your sales event is over.

Sales and customer service training

As external consultants with extensive expertise in automotive and retail sales, we assess your sales team in a completely objective manner. We offer innovative solutions to improve your team’s productivity while building on its strengths.

MG Marketing is a certified training organization with Emploi Québec.