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Let us persuade new customers to buy or lease a vehicle from you instead of your competitors and create a business relationship to ensure your customers have had a positive experience.
It’s up to you to take it!

Create customer loyalty

You put a lot of effort and resources into persuading new customers to buy or lease a vehicle from you instead of your competitors, but your efforts shouldn’t stop once you’ve created a business relationship and your customers have had a positive experience! A successful sale is a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition. It’s up to you to take it!

MG Marketing invests time and energy in cultivating relationships with new customers on your behalf so you can stimulate this source of potential revenue at the right time—when these customers are ready to buy or lease a new vehicle.

Keep your database up-to-date

To ensure your success, specially trained agents make a courteous, professional follow-up call to customers with a lease, who’ve just acquired a new vehicle, or who left you their contact information. Our team carefully ensures that this database is always up to date so we can easily contact the right customers to announce upcoming sales events or other promotions.

Customer service assessment—mystery shopper

Are your customers getting first-rate customer service when they step into your showroom? What little details could be leaving them unsatisfied and causing you to lose the sale?

These questions are impossible to answer objectively about your own business, and contrary to popular belief, customer surveys are not necessarily the best way to get useful responses, since customers are often uncomfortable expressing negative opinions.To get to the truth of the matter, a mystery shopper is frequently the best option!Mystery shoppers aren’t there to catch your employees making mistakes, but rather to get a realistic assessment of the situation and provide constructive criticism. We use a detailed report of the visit and work together to establish corrective measures based on concrete, conclusive data.