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New partnership agreement between Groupe MG Marketing and the ACVLQ

Groupe MG Marketing is proud to announce that a partnership agreement with the Association des Concessionnaires de Véhicules de Loisirs du Québec (ACVLQ) has been signed.

As a leader among marketing services providers and in the field of private sales events organization for automotive and recreational vehicles dealerships, Groupe MG Marketing is now pleased to offer its services to all ACVLQ members.

In business since 2009, Groupe MG Marketing uses advanced technological solutions that have been specifically designed to meet, in a totally transparent manner, the needs of dealerships. For all dealerships members of the ACVLQ, Groupe MG Marketing is therefore a trusted business partner that will help them to surpass their objectives, both in terms of sales and customer satisfaction level.

Whether it is in a short, medium or long-term perspective, the benefits for a dealership to collaborate with Groupe MG Marketing are real, numerous and quantifiable!

Groupe MG Marketing services offered to ACVLQ members include:

  • Organization of sales events (private sale);
  • One-time and / or continuous telemarketing campaign with your:
    • Potential clients (conquest);
    • Actual clients (retention).
  • Strategic management of your client database;
  • E-marketing (adword, Facebook, …), with lead management;
  • Access for members to the interactive portal, allowing a live monitoring of every telemarketing campaign;
  • Training and development of your sales team.

Your dealership has a membership with the ACVLQ? Contact us to learn more about our exclusive offers and rates!

By phone: 450.937.7737          By email:

For more details about the ACVLQ, click here.